What Dailies are complete-able in Shadowfall?

While the new event is great I can't help but notice that certain dailies don't seem to be able to be completed in Shadowfall. I understand that some like "Get 3 kills" or whatever could be cheesed easily, but I haven't been getting credit for reasonable ones like "Play a game as (Legend Name)", "Reach top 3" or "Get however many kills/knockdowns with certain weapon".

Is there some kind of guide out there to what we can and cannot complete in Shadowfall? It just seems counter intuitive to me to have an event quest be complete 20 dailies when we can't even do a lot of them in the specific event mode. Having to choose between completing my dailies in normal/ranked or grinding out Shadowfall specific quests doesn't feel too good TBH. Or maybe it's just a bug IDK, am I missing something here or is this an actual issue.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/dkbsff/what_dailies_are_completeable_in_shadowfall/

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