What is the deal with the insanely bad loot?


can someone tell me whats going on with the loot rng in this game since a few patches ago? I have SO many games where I land and find only attachments or single ammo packages for several minuts. The worst game today I went through 11(!) unlooted buildings without a single weapon or body shield? WTF? And this is no single occurance, it is constant! When i land in high tier loot areas its not uncommon to find the combo of death (P20/Mozambique) and nothings else, no attachments, nothing.

Then in other games you find 24 Lvl 3 extended magazines, but no light extended, not even a lvl 1. or 600 blue shields, but no lvl 3.

In my and my squads findings, the loot rng is insanely bad or just completely broken…I have played for nearly 500hours, and when i started playing in the beginning, loot was not an issue, but at the moment im seriously short of quitting the game because the broken loot system.

Any of you observe the same thing?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/d0ns7s/what_is_the_deal_with_the_insanely_bad_loot/

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