Why is there so many players that abandon teammates?

Just started a game and we got in a fire fight with another team so my friend takes out one and gets downed I take out the second and put damage on the third before getting downed and our third teammate was a random player and he just runs off and leaves the third guy who was already damaged and doesn’t even try to get our banners.

Now because of the shitty anti leave system Respawn has put in place we can’t leave even though our teammate straight up abandoned us and when we asked why he was just running off and didn’t help he says “Your getting muted” like seriously wtf?

Me and my friend are now stuck watching him walk around himself and he’s purposely avoiding other teams and is basically hiding.

Respawn pleas allow for players to leave in these situations!

Edit: Sorry guys I never realised you can leave without penalty if your banner times out.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/dnyqkp/why_is_there_so_many_players_that_abandon/

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