You did it to yourselves

I'm making this in response to several dozens of players who I've encountered over the last year, primarily how they go about the situation and respond when they talk about why people don't like them.

Wraith mains, I'm looking at you when I say this. Firstly if you don't do this, I have nothing but respect for you, I am not referring to players who don't do the following.

We all know why the majority of you play her, she's small and can escape easily. But that isn't why we roll our eyes when Wraith is locked in, it's because you're often selfish players who are loot goblins and then auto leave upon being downed.

I know of people who will just leave the match when Wraith is locked in, primarily because they're tired of the shitty selfishness that often comes with Wraith mains and then being left alone to 1-2v3 or 1v2 in duos.

That is why people can't stand Wraith mains, so congratulations you did it to yourselves.

Edit: I've been insulted more by Wraith players than any other players.


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