3 Things Wargaming could do in 1 week to improve gameplay.

There are a lot of things WG could improve on like arty, wheeled vehicles, power creep and buffing old tech tree tanks. But here are 3 things I am 100% sure the entire community could agree on.

  1. If a tank on either team does 0 damage or gets 0 assisted damage and or does not leave the circle they should not get XP and Credits from that battle. This should help reduce the amount of botting that happens in low-tier and mid-tier battles we all see when tanks don't leave the starting position. If you say you had a bad battle and did play. Tough luck, we shouldn't hand out participation trophies when you did absolutely nothing to contribute to the team.
  2. If you drown in the battle you get 0 XP and 0 Credits unless an enemy or allied tank has shot or made physical contact with your tank in the last 10 seconds before dying. Yes, there will still be some people who yolo-drown when getting shot. But there is ZERO REASON, tanks who intentionally drown get credits and XP.
  3. Limit 3 Lights tanks per team. The same as arty limitation should be brought down to 2 if not 1.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/mygl0g/3_things_wargaming_could_do_in_1_week_to_improve/

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