8 nations event: So how do we get Primo Victoria exactly?


First, they write:

Each member of the victorious team that is among the top players of the Rookies or Veterans League (see the Leagues section for detailed information) will receive rewards. These rewards can be credited to accounts within 3 days after the game event ends.

So, you have to be Top 100 of The winning Nation.

But later, they write:

To receive the team's rewards, each player on the team should be among the top 1,000 players of their nation. (See details in the Rewards section)

So wg will give out 800 primo victorias or just 100?

If we calculate average from these 2 sentences, wg meant: No matter your team won or lost, if you are top 1000, you get prizes except t8 tank, but if you want to get primo victoria, you have to be top 100 of the Winning team.

Did i get it right?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/dl3qt0/8_nations_event_so_how_do_we_get_primo_victoria/

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