A 2000 Wn8 player’s guide to the Obj. 279e

Hi guys (I am not a native speaker so please excuse my english). So for the last few weeks i hed been grinding to get the infamous 279e. While doing the missions i realized that achieving this tank is not hard, but time consuming. Also a bad map and a bad matchup can and often will ruin your run of games. For this i would like to share my strategy.

If you have any questions just write it down. You don't need to read the whole thing. I try to answer.

First of all i would like to mention that the tanks i used may not work for you.

Loadouts that i used for the 279e missions

The strategy:
First of all i counted up all the missions. I realized that i can skip 3 of the last missions for the 279e if I finish one of them with honours and also all of the previous final missions with honours. That would result in 9 orders, that could be traded in for 3 final missions.

That was the first part of my plan, to do the Excalibur and Chimera final missions with honours.

For the first one:
For the Union I used the T-50-2, for the Coalition the AMX 12 t, for the Block the VK 28.01 and for the Alliance the Cromwell,with these I tried to get confederate and invader. These are the easiest Epic medals.

For the Chimera missions:
*Union-15 *required 10k bounced/caused/recieved, i used the Obj. 257 for the mission. I think causing 4 k damage is necessary for the honours, so that leads to only needing 4k blocked the rest can be donated to the enemy team. Maps: any map where you can find a corridor and have enough space to use your armor. ie: Himmelsdorf, Fisherman's bay, Ruinberg, Erlenberg, Minsk, Paris…)

Coalition-15 requires 8k spotted/caused damage. I used the BC. 25 t, I mainly focused on tracking opponents as the second part requires 3 spotted or tracked enemy destroyed. This can be completed on any map unlike the Union one. If you cant spot then you go close and track (ie: on a city map).

Block-15, for the completion you need 3.5k damage to heavies and tank destroyers. I dont have all the tanks, mainly high tier ones from Germany and Japan. So I used my only tier 10, the Leopard 1. It was recently buffed when i did the mission. The secondary part on the mission requires 6 different damaged tanks and a win. So hanging back might not be the best idea. Heavy tanks may not be able to see 6 different enemy tanks, so maybe doing it in a medium might be easier. It can be done on any open map or any map where you can have easy shots on camping locations or choke points.

Alliance-15, you need 6.5k damage and 5 kills. My choice of tank was the Tortoise. One of my favourites in the game. All you need is a slow battle though. The T57 should be excellent with the bursty gun and kill stealing capabilities. This mission also requres to win, so hanging back is still not an option. This mission can be completed on any map, all you need to look out for is not losing HP when not necessary. You can be agressive if the situation is favourable. The Tortoise is a slow, well armored, sniping DPM monster.

Now you should be done with 8 missions that gave you 1 order each. If we use our mathematical skills, then we only need one more to complete all the missions. So here comes my tactic. I planned to only do one line of missions. The Alliance.

Alliance missions for the Obj. 279e:
First thing i did was to group up the missions:

I managed to make 4 groups (groups are based on which tank was the best for the completion):

Missions for the Tortoise: 1; 2; 4; 7; 12; 13; 15 (at least for me)

Missions for the T69: 3

Missions for the FV3805: 5; 6; 9; 10; 11; 14

Missions for the FV 215 183: 8

If you have premium time then this is not for you: After breaking down the missions i started doing the easiest one that gave premium time. For me it was Alliance-5, stun 50 different tanks in 10 games. The only reason why i would start with this is that after completion i would be able to block 2 maps from map rotation. That way doing the other arty missions would be way easier. (If you already have premium account then it is not necessary). So this gave me something that resembled a schedule.

P (primary) and rating out of 5, same with S (secondary)

T69 mission:

3: Track or Spot 20 tanks that your teammates kill in 10 battles. If you have a bad game then you need to restart. I would recommend it if you dont spot atleast 4 tanks in your first battle. That way you have a bit of a breathing space, so it wont be that hard later on. If you have a real light tank then this could be even easier. Its not really map dependant. P 2/5; S 3/5

FV 215b (183) mission:
8: destroy 30 internal modules or crew members in 10 battles. This is pure RNG, i hated every moment of this mission. Im really not the right person to give advice on this one. Sorry. P 4/5; S 5/5

FV3805 missions:

5: Stun 40 different vehicles in 10 games. Its arty, its really not that hard, the game even counts the progress, so you can change targets whenever you hit them. P 1/5; S 1/5

6: Get the confederate award twice in 7 games, or 3 times for honours in the same amount of games. Its the same mission as the previous one. But now you have to count the tanks. Same mission, same difficulty. P 1/5; S 1/5

9: Stun for 1500 seconds in 10 games. Now this one is hard. 150 average per game and 180 if you go for honours. I would suggest to restart if you dont have atleast 300 seconds of stun in your first game because you cant block enough maps that would not ruin you run. Its challenging and not fun. P 4/5; S 5/5

10: Cause twice the hitpoints of your vehicle. WG should add the criteria that it cannot be completed in an SPG because its very easy. So you only need 1000 damage in 3 games in a row. P 1/5; S 1/5

11: Enable 1000 stun damage in 3 games out of 10. Its an arty mission so i dont know what i should add. Its easy, yoou just need a high tier game. P 1/5; S 1/5

14: Cause damage to 30 different tanks. This is the same mission again as the 5th and 6th. You just have less games to do it. P 1/5; S1/5

Tortoise missions:

1: Fire for effect 5 out of 10 games. All i needed is 5 shots, so basically 25 seconds of continous fireing. Very easy mission. For honours you need 7 out of 10.P 1/5; S 2/5

2: Be in the top 3 by damage caused in 3 battles in a row. Consistency is key with this one, 3k should be enough but more the merrier.P 2/5; S 4/5

4: All you need is 30k damage. Consisteny is still key. Aim for 4k every game. You may have a few stinkers on the way. This way you can still keep the 35k in sight. P 2/5; S 3/5

7: Block an average of 2k damage. You need to block open maps. Arty and HE can ruin this mission. But its easy you dont even need to fire, so if you are scared of getting ammoracked, then why not leave all the shells in the garage. The reason i did this in the Tortoise is because it has weakspots, so it doesnt come under HE an premium shell spam that often. Just wiggle and dance the hull and can be done in 10 games. For honours you need 2.5k blocked. P 2/5; S 4/5

12: Be the top player on damage blocked 3 out of 7 times. Same as the previous mission. Just push and dance. I didn’t even try doing it with honours (i dont like blocking missions). P 1/5; S 2/5

13: Be top 3 on experience earned 3 battles in a row. Back to the consistency missions. The best part is you can be on top in a loss too so it doesnt really matter if you push too hard and burn out too fast, all you need is a lot of damage fast. And also spotting for yourself is good. You just need 3 3k games in a row. Same as the 2nd and 4th mission. P2/3; S4/5

15: Ok so the choice of tank maybe different for you. I love the Tortoise, so i kitted it out fully. I really mean fully. This mission is hard because you need to go for the Honours. So 3 mastery badge. I checked wotreplays for the average XP needed for the ace and also the damages and kills. That gave me a bit of a guide as to what i needed tod o in a battle. You need to be very consistent and dont be shy of useing directives and premium shells. You can have bad battles, but the most important thing is that you restart if you dont have an Ace for the first try. The games will come, you just need to find your rythm.P 1/5; S 5/5

So now that all the missions are completed all you need to do is complete the other 3 15th mission with your 9 orders, and then you will have your very own Obj. 279e.

Thanks for reading, and i hope i was any use to you.
I will try to format it, so it can be read better.

edit: it could be a mess to read so I would like to say it again that I'm not a native speaker and building sentences is hard if you think in an entirely different language.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/d5517x/a_2000_wn8_players_guide_to_the_obj_279e/

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