A mental exercise (Speedrun to Tier 10)

I watched a bunch of speedrun videos last night and it made me think – what could you speedrun in WoT?

The only thing I could think of is grinding a T10 tank without freexp conversation

The rules would be simple – start a new account, pick a line and grind to T10 entirely F2P. Premium account, purchased premium tanks and rewarded/awarded rentals would be against the rules. Invite codes would be against the rules

To balance events and specials, games can only be played on standard x2 days. TOTT lines can not be played until the TOTT event is over. Boosters may not be used. Games cannot be played if any premium account is rewarded or awarded. Campaign missions can be completed

Unfortunately due to blueprints there's a further element of RNG which can't be removed, however no national blueprints may be used

All battles would have to be solo Randoms

CW/SH/FL etc would not be allowed. Platoons would not be allowed. Encounter/Assault/Grandbattles can be turned off if wanted

All replays would need to be uploaded to wotreplays during the run to verify the rules were followed

1 game would need to be played in the T10 and uploaded to show it was researched

Due to how long a line takes to grind and the utter randomness of battles, I would use number of battles instead of total time as the score – so the speedrun would be least number of games

With these restrictions, which line would you pick? What would be your strategy? Would you prioritise a low XP line over an easy to play line, or would you focus on a credit earning line and wait for the XP to come?

My strategy would be to grind the US LT line –

First sell all T1 tanks apart from T1 LT

I would keep the M2 LT as my early credit grinder

Once I reached the Chaffee I would use the T6 token on the T37, move crew from M2 to T37 and use these two as my credit grinders. I'd sell any tanks left lower than the Chaffee

Once the T71 CMCD was unlocked I'd move Chaffee crew to T71 and start a new crew there, using the 3 to grind credits as the T71 grinds to unlock the M41 WB

I'd then leapfrog the T37 crew to the M41, sell the T37

Once the T49 was researched I'd leapfrog the better crew of the Chaffee or M41 to the T49 and sell the Chaffee and M41

Once the Sheridan was researched I'd sell everything to buy the Sheridan and play the one game

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/dhak3l/a_mental_exercise_speedrun_to_tier_10/

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