A Slap In The Face to Every Single WOT Streamer in the World!

So WOT is going to probably pay streamers who NEVER stream WOT to stream the game for just 2 hours this weekend. Because obviously they are trying to market the game to other audiences.

But that is nothing but a slap in the face to every streamer who bothers to actually stream this game, WOT. What do they get? Do you pay them to stream the game for you ever dang day? of course not. Instead, you are going to most likely pay people who never stream this game to do so because they have bigger audiences. Well guess what wargaming, Skill, Quicky, and a dozen other streamers WOULD have bigger audiences if they DIDN'T stream WOT and instead streamed a more popular game. So your going to pay streamers who don't stream the game and I guess give the middle finger to anyone apparently dumb enough to stream WOT because 20,000 people don't bother to watch this game when they stream it. 

So here is the advice Skill, Quicky, and every other WOT streamer. Don't stream WOT for a month and stream nothing but the other more popular games and don't come back to WOT until they pay you to do so. Because apparently, that's how Wargaming works. 

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/cxfvze/a_slap_in_the_face_to_every_single_wot_streamer/

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