Auction : please think before acting

So everyone is getting hyped for the event that start tomorrow.

I wish only to invite all community members to think wisely before acting UNwisely.

WG has stated that ONLY one tank will be for free XP. All others for GOLD. How generous…

Now this is my point: Last year in the Black Market rare tank like T22 Med and Qjin were offered for CREDITS, Sure the wish of players/collectors to get one pushed the price to skyrocket. BUT it was still for credits.

This year they seem intentioned to SELL a 113 Bejing Opera very likely for GOLD; a tank that every player can get from the armory for 6 million credits (a normal price) only because of a SKIN?? And how much gold should we pay for a skin?? Is it really worth it???

The Gold belongs to you guys and you are free to spend it as you wish BUT pls think carefully and decide IF you really want to give it to WeeGee in return of a SKIN and nothing else.

Good luck


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