Best tanks to complete Coalition 15 (279e)

Just curious on which tanks you would recommend playing to achieve the final coalition mission for the 279e with honours. I have been trying to complete this mission for about a week now, but have been struggling to achieve the consistency required to earn 3 ace tanks in such a short time span.

Tanks I have tried, and have had the most success using, so far:

– Emil 2 (had the most luck in this so far)

– Amx 30 prototype (high ace requirement is probably above my ability)

– Skoda T50


– Standard B (a similar problem to amx 30p)

– Progetto 46

– Udes 14

– Udes 15

– Amx 13 90

For the record, this mission requires you to achieve 3 first-class medals (3 ace tankers for honors) in 20 battles. Mission can only be achieved in French, Italian, Swedish and Czech vehicles from tier 8-10.


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