Bullshit Corridor Maps- How Wargaming Shows They Know Nothing

Wargaming has stated that the reason that they have corridor maps is because players can't play the game well without them. In short they claim that players are too dumb to play the game without corridors forcing everyone into one or two spots on a map.

What this means is that the game is specifically made for the lowest brain cell people on the planet. What this does, is it makes the game worthless for anyone that does have a brain.

Only wargaming would ever intentionally make a game worse because they think their players are too dumb otherwise. Players DON"T want corridor maps. Instead, It's wargaming that wants them. They want this because it's wargaming that is too dumb to understand how to make a game that is worth playing instead of a game so dumbed down with garbage forced mechanics that only a moron would ever play this game at this point.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/kwyg4g/bullshit_corridor_maps_how_wargaming_shows_they/

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