Don’t play during Events

I'm gonna start by saying, that I'm from EU Server and this is my first time celebrating Wargaming's annual Birthday Event. And I haven't been enjoying it so far to put it mildly…

My win rate went down from 50.2% to 49.6% since this Event started. Despite my WN8 being a little above average at 1240(EU average is 1220).

My tank stats are the worst right now: My Strv 103-0(my highest tier tank)'s win rate went from 51% to 47%; My Nashorn has a measly 28% win rate and I haven't even won a single fucking game on the T-116 – the gift tank. And these are just the highlights of my garage.

Why am I losing so much? Well, I have a theory…

You see, all the players that were inactive this whole time have woken up to claim the T-116. And since they forgot how to play they're terrible at driving this tank, therefore they're causing their teams to lose. Also, the Pz. S35 is a direct counter to T-116 so whichever team has that tank wins automatically.

Majority of the dead player base has decided to also play their beloved tanks, that were rusting in the Garage and that's why there are so many horrible players in high tier matchmaking. In every match there are at least 2 bots per team! Or maybe those players are so fucking bad, that they leave such kind of impression on others!

Oh and I forgot to mention, there are actually some trolls who started grinding the British light tank line. Needless to say, having a Brit light on your team is an undeniable disadvantage, since those vehicles are fucking awful.

Some might argue, that at least Event rewards are worth playing for, but… What fucking rewards..?

Some blueprints and crew XP boosters? I got those for days and if I want to earn actually valuable rewards I have to buy the Skoda T 27, which is an utter horse shit tank.

In conclusion, this Update is rushed and horribly thought-out: New tanks are trash, new balance changes are even worse. Event rewards are locked behind a pay wall and are absolutely not worth p(l)aying for.

I'm just gonna wait till this whole shit blows over.

I'm sorry if I ruined anyone's day by this rant. I'm just super angry at this point and I just needed to let it out. Hopefully you will understand…


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