EBR 105 is so broken that it has nearly 5000 dmg requirement for 3 marks of excellence. Considering tech tree tanks only, EBR is second only to the Super Conqueror in this category.

A 1300 hp light tank is basically as effective as a 2400 hp top-dpm heavy. Here are the screenshots of what the MoE mod shows in game.


Most tier 10 mediums and fast heavies have requirements of around 4400 dmg and TDs around 4000. EBR is just vile. 268V4 release was probably a worse one but at least it got the hate it deserved and the tank was nerfed eventually. There are actually people defending the EBR, claiming it is not OP. They say it is fine because it has low DPM and low amount of HP and that it takes skill to play the tank well. WG says they don't have sufficient data yet as not "enough" players have the tank.

Let's start with the fact that EBR has completely rendered other LTs useless in clan battles and to an extent, in random battles as well. If you meet one in any other LT, you are basically forced to play as a shitty medium until the EBR dies or is spotted in the other flank. Having only 1300 hp doesn't matter when no one can hit you and if they do, your wheels eat the shells without much of a penalty (regular tanks get tracked, lose their speed and die). EBRs laser accurate gun, enhanced autoaim and its heavy tank HE-shell ensure it will always out-trade other LTs.

How about we compare the EU server's top players of July in EBR and in T-100LT (that is considered to be the next best LT).


The EBR gets massive 2900 dpg which is 1000 more than the T100. EBR's winrate is a whopping 77% versus T100's 62%. While I agree that a tank should reward skilled gameplay, it should not excuse EBR doing this much more than its best rival. EBR 105 is brokenly OP and deserves a nerf.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/cggjnr/ebr_105_is_so_broken_that_it_has_nearly_5000_dmg/

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