Finally unlocked all the tech tree tier 10s. Now what to buy?

I have 10 tier 10s I have yet to purchase. After 42,600 games my mission to unlock all the tanks is finally complete! The tanks I have not purchased but have unlocked are the following.

German: PzKpfw VII, and GW e100

Soviet: obj. 705a, obj. 261, is-4, k-91

French: bc 155 58, foch b, amx m4 54

Japanese: type 5

I have finished light/medium/arti missions for obj 260 so need to finish the heavy and td missions, thinking the 705a will be the most useful tank of these for blocking dmg missions. Also just finished the excelsior so just on the 2nd set of missions for 279(e).

Which should I buy? none of them seem to be tanks I want… so likely will just wait for on track events to purchase most of them. Besides 705a I think I should just buy straight up once I get enough credits.

Thanks for input


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