Frontline Non-Premium Options; Guide (Hope I’m doing this right)

So I’m currently working on a Frontline video guide that will hopefully clear up some questions friends of mine (and I hope others) continue asking me. However, I’m getting asked this all the time and see a lot of people complaining about it so I thought I’d help out, as WG has some questionable ideas (i.e. Pershing) for this.

IMO, these are the best non prem tanks for this game mode. I use only non prems now (for this mode), as I think they are more satisfying to use.

  1. UDES 03; defending in zones C, E, F, and objectives. Attacking in objectives 1, 2, and 5

  2. T69; anywhere. This tank is awesome for damage and flexibility. Extremely competitive against lorr and prog (main source of complaint)
    -Edit: yes I’m aware of the pantera. Yes it’s good
    for the mode. I prefer T69, if you don’t
    then play Pantera 🙂

  3. Arty such as Lorr or M40 if you’re okay with waiting forever. I never use it as I hate it, but I mean it’s your game.

  4. Lynx 6×6 is kinda OP for this game mode, easy spotting and assassination and can constantly stay in the fight. Particularly useful attacking in zone C, A, D, and E.
    -BC 12 t and LTTB are good for this as well.
    Not a big fan of the WZ and bulldog for it tho.

  5. As for heavies, I recommend Caernarvon, undoubtedly. Definitely the best heavy in all
    situations besides defending objectives 3 and 4 or you want one last clip, in which case you use AMX 50 100

I hope this helps, any questions let me know. I hope to give more tips and tricks in the video, but it’s a long one.


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