Frustrated moving from console to PC

I played WoT on the Xbox daily for about 4 years and amassed a ton of tanks, silver, free XP, gold, you name it. If there was a challenge to get a free premium tank, you bet your ass I did it. Liberté, Motherland, Fury, etc. Several Tier X tanks. I felt like I was the biggest, baddest mofo every game I played. The problem is, I hate gaming using a console controller. I am a PC gamer through and through. So after 2 years away from the game, about a month ago I loaded up WoT PC and started from scratch. I feel completely worthless every time I join a match, no matter which tier I'm playing. I have a couple Tier VIII premiums to farm some XP and credits, and I'm dead via hits from 3-4 tanks within 30 seconds… EVERY. TIME.

Is there a trick that I'm missing? Is console just that much easier? Are the players on PC more experienced and just know what noobs like me are going to do before I even do it? I'm seriously disheartened at this point so any suggestions are appreciated. The game that I loved on console just isn't giving me the same joy on PC and I'm confused, and a little lost.


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