Give us option to ‘transform’ tech tree tanks to ‘premium’ tanks…

Im sure in WOT's illustrious 7 year life this has been brought up, so forgive me if it has, I tried to do a search and didnt turn up anything.

There was a tank game in the not so distance past that was very promising and died due to lack of advertisement, but they had the ability to pay gold to turn a tech tree tank to 'premium' status. You would think, with WG's lust for whales and gold spending, that they would have put this feature in the game a LONG time ago. And yes, as I'm typing this I realize why they probably havent….they'd rather bring out some new OP premium and have players spend and arm and a leg for it rather than allowing them to spend a few thousand gold to transform their favorite tech tree tanks into premium vehicles, but honestly I'd see this as an absolute win on their part (insert professor hulk meme). Whales who buy premium vehicles at 12,500 gold or ~$50 a pop will always be around, why not make even more money off those pleebs that only want to spend maybe half that to turn one of their favorite tech tree tanks into premium. What could they lose? Nothing. What do yall think?


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