How curious PC players can better understand why console’s 6.0 is bringing out the pitchforks

I’ve written and deleted a bunch of stuff trying to explain what they did, specifically, but it doesn't translate well to PC. I've modified the following from a reply I gave to an earlier comment to another post.

Let me try to explain using a pretend 10 year PC player as an example. Some of what I’ll say aren’t real changes that happened to us, but shows the the feelings of shock, bewilderment, flat out irritation and conflagrated fury. Take all of the following metaphorically and spread the emotions over the entire game as I'm specifically using in-battle PC stuff as examples to translate into both console battle AND garage issues:

So pretend you’re a long-term PC player, you started playing Beta. Your wn8 is 3k and you're in great clan. WG has kept all the things regarding 2.0 under wraps; you have no idea what’s coming up. NO CLUE. No sandbox, no ability to express your opinion, no scrapping of some upcoming changes because of player input.

Let’s pretend these are the changes forced on you:

Your map has been moved from bottom right to top left, and for some reason it’s upside down and mirrored (west is east, east is west). Pretend you can’t change size, can’t change transparency, you hate the default colors and you can’t change them, the icons are rearranged (heavies are labeled TD’s, TD's are lights, for example), the last known position has been removed, you can’t ping and you can’t type in chat. Pretend you can’t zoom in and out.

Pretend you can’t see tracers, it’s all gold ammo, your bushes don’t provide cover, your camo works only half the time, you don’t know if you have arty in your match because they hid this information, RNG is 2x as bad, arty is more accurate and if it hits you lose 100% of your HP. Pretend the Death Star and shitbarn are as fast as the clown cars.

All clan games have been suspended, no Frontline.

Pretend gun depression is 4% on the Super Conq and the E4 has no turret. Pretend sidescraping is practically impossible because you can't see anyone unless your ENTIRE turret – including hanging gas cans and such – is visible to the enemy around the corner. No way to find the weak spots on the tanks. No sixth sense.

This stuff didn’t necessarily happen to us, but you can see how all this would effect YOUR play and YOUR experience. We didn’t ask for them. We had no input. We had very little idea of what was coming. They were excited… and… yet… seemed reluctant to actually show us what it would be like.

Hope this helps a little.

Edits: tinkering stuff.


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