How is: The T78 – Review

So how is the T78

I went out and took rounds in the tank. Now to be precise 19 Games 

I can say that this tank is a very fun tank to play. I do think however in capable hands it can be a monster, but then on the other hand. It does the same thing as a Hellcat just a tad worse here but a tad better there. Its a well tradeoff. I recently played the Jackson and I have to say, I gladly take the T78 over the Jackson at any time even though the T78 has worse DPM, Accuracy and Aimtime. The T78 just has this much better Mobility which allows it to get around the Battlefield quickly and quite comfortably.I put down a little Review of this little tank. There I go a bit more in detail about the differences of the T78 compared with Hellcat and Jackson as well as a Gameplay in a T7 game definitely showing off the strengths and weaknesses of the vehicle.

If you wish not to listen to me, that is no problem! I wrote down a little TL:DW with the pros and cons of the vehicle in my eyes:




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