How WarGaming incentivises players to play arty, and is indirectly ruining everyone’s experience of the game.

So, with the addition of campaign missions, we've all seen more and more artillery players. This is due to Wargaming FORCING players who actually want the vehicules associated with those missions to play Artillary.

So how is that bad for the game ? As most of you know, artillary is ruining everyone's experience. Artillary is the epitome of nonsense, artillary is supposed to promote, non campy plays in WOT. But it achieves exactly the opposite by promoting campy plays because of the fear of getting destroyed if spotted / not behind actual cover.

Wargaming is forcing its player base into playing something that they do not like (most people I talked to actually do not enjoy playing arty and being forced to do so is ruining their experience, and the people they face's experience.

It's time for you, wargaming to not incentivise players into doing artillary campaign missions, I'm sure everyone is okay with playing light, mediums TDs or heavies, but artillary is just poor design (actually shouldn't be in game or not in its current itteration/form)

Wake up Wargaming, every T8+ game has at least 2-3 arty in it because of missions. This is not fair gameplay and is not acceptable from a company like you.


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