I turned blue…. and now Im back!

For the first time in my WoT career (now at almost 3k battles) I turned blue. It was Karkhov end game. As a bottom tier medium tank (t3485m) I was passive scouting in a bush since enemies had TDs and arties left (5 in total). Then this salty “unicum” in ally m44 with 46% winrate shot me because I “camped” and called me all kinds of names. From his speech it seemed like he would really kill me because I camped more than his pig arta and I didnt play how he wanted me to play. I decided to kill him first. Shot him twice and killed him. That’s when I turned blue.

Apparently you turn blue if you shoot your ally 3 times. And a kill counts as an extra hit. So I luckily qualified for this. In the hindsight I should have punished this pig by one shotting with HE. That way I wouldnt turn blue.

I was afraid that my teammates would shoot me for fun just because Im blue and there is no consequence. But luckily this happened only once until I turned back to normal. I bumped into an amx 12t and did 20 damage because he stopped. I apologized immediately, but he spammed chat with some Spanish that I couldn’t bother to comprender and killed me from full hp. Other than this my blue experience was rather uneventful.

I wrote this because turning blue isnt a common experience and thought some of you may be curious about this. Hope you enjoyed!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ccz1qm/i_turned_blue_and_now_im_back/

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