I’m finding it really difficult to have an impact with the Object 268

I feel like it's a 'lose less' vehicle.

By T10 everybody knows where the 'sniper spots' are and promptly avoid them and konga line into 'that corner' where they are safe from snipers. Most of the battles get decided by which team's heavies win that close range brawl.

Once that phase is over, IF the enemy team's heavies won, I might get off 1-2 shots before I'm forced to back off due to a lack of armour.

So here's the dilemma:

IF I go to the heavy brawl, I'll probably get off a shot before someone goes 'LOL' and tracks me to death and murders me.

If I stay back and do what I'm supposed to, I'm having 0 impact until it's too late.

The only situation in which an Object 268 could be useful if the enemy team barely wins the corner and 2-4 half dead heavies try to push into me. But that sooo rarely happens (and even then, arty usually stops my fun).

I can't exactly go to the 'medium area' either because of the narrow gun arc and the low shell velocity, plus the mediocre camo means I won't be very effective there either.

I can't even reach 2k damage with this thing, I just NEVER get a chance to fire without lethally exposing myself to something.

What was I supposed to do with that thing? I feel cheated having researched it.

Edit: I started going for the russian TD line waaaaay back when there were only 3 nations, max tier for arty was 8, for TDs 9 and the BL-10 on the object 704 was the biggest gun in the game (which was my approach to the game: GIVE ME THE BIGGEST GUN (direct firing gun)). I've played sporadically since.

Ever since then, the maps changed a lot as well and every map eventually had it's own TD safe corner. Now, driving a sneaky TD feels like an exercise in futility.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/d8dsri/im_finding_it_really_difficult_to_have_an_impact/

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