Just done with the game, its not worth my time.

I have spent over 6 years in the game. I would love to play this game and enjoy it more. I just don't have it in me anymore. My friends left, I am leaving and probably the rest of the guys I know are on their way out as well. I am just tired of waiting for wargaming to do something positive. I looked at the next patch and was like this is how the game is going to be for another couple of years.

I am tired of only playing 3(out of 24+) tanks to be useful in tier 10 matches. I am tired getting into tier 10 games in my tier 8 tanks. Just tired of getting arty focused in my tanks. Just tired of playing low armored tanks and getting hit by arty for over half my health every 30 seconds. Just tired of the shitty maps on which mediums are supposed to flank. Just tired of the new fad of making every maps into giant crossfire zones, or putting camping spots in every lane of advance. Just tired map, I mean I have a lot of patience but I am at my wits end I can't in good conscience spend more money on this game and hope something changes in the future. Just tired, hope you all have a good day.

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