Maybe fix MM ?

Those pictures are 2 games in a row. I'm trying to get 2 Marks on Borrasque but today I'm getting teams like this. First picture was Siegfried line – Deffending and second was Sand River – Standard. I played 10min combined both maps and on both maps I was last one to be alive in my team. Today I played 7 games with Borrasque and won only 3 (2/3 were vs Tier X so I wasn't the one carrying). Two days ago I played 10 games with Borrasque and won 2… I'm not focused on dmg combined only I'm trying to win those games If I can but how am I supposed to do that when after 2min the score is 0/6 and I can do nothing. WG should fix MM because that's sad. And I don't understand that accounts which has tens of thousands games with wr aroung 45% aren't banned. I have 4k battles combined on two accounts this one has 3.4k and I have 1914 overall wn8 but 2457 in past 30 days with 56,7% wr… I'm so fed up with those "bots" mostly on my team … WG has to fix MM it's unbelievable … What do you think?


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