My thoughts on the Italian line.

So I went down Italian, me the nooblet that I am. Well, it was the best line I have gone down so far even though the other line I have fully gone down is the E100 line.

Tiers 1-5 is where all the tanks no one cares about are. They aren’t bad, but not outstanding. Tiers 6-10 are fantastic tanks. The P. 43 bis once you get the 90mm is phenomenal, combined with thick armor against the lower tiers it’s a good brawler. Players have complained about the P. 43 ter to me, but I think it’s still a decent tank. Once I got to the autoreloader at tier 8, it was a game changer. The P. 44 Pantera was very fun to play, but it does lack the ability to brawl like the other Italian tanks before, and I think the progetto 46 is a better autoreloader for Italian tier 8 (although I don’t have it). After getting the Standard B though, I don’t think I could go back. Tier 9 is best in line hands down. Superior gun handling let’s you work the ridgelines perfectly even when facing against some hull down heavies that are tiers lower (unless they are some super shit heavies with weak turrets at tier 9-10)The tier 10 gun let’s you curb stomp tier 7 and 8 tanks, and the mobility let’s you change positions quickly.

When you compare the tier 10 to the tier 9, you would think it’s almost the same right? Only one is better than the other because it has one more shell, has a faster first shot reload, and can mag dump a lot of damage. Well…

The progetto 65, although I really like it, felt disappointing. It felt like I was taking a step back rather than forward like it was with almost all the other Italians. Maybe I’m a big nooblet and don’t know how to use it, but the Standard B just felt so much more flexible. The large profile, worse p/w, and even the 1 less degree of gun depression I think has affected my experience with this tank. I am dishing out pain easily, it just doesn’t feel satisfying to completely wipe out some tanks. The troll like hull doesn’t do anything either since most people know better (which is good) so I haven’t seen a point in trying to use it to full potential since most people shoot tracks or turret if I do. Meanwhile in the Standard B, I made someone in a grille 15 cry when he ricochet an AP shell off my tank even though it’s almost impossible to do that. Did I also mention that the progetto 65 gets focused by arty no matter what? I kinda know why, but then their team is probably crying for help when they loose heavy lane by a landslide meanwhile they are just focusing one tank. Just never made sense to me.

If you want to always stay at the shining star of the line, go tier 9, but the tier 10 is still worth a shot. Maybe it’s not capable in my hands, but the Standard B is so take that as you will from ‘The Big Noob’.


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