Old WOT appriciation thread

Before I get flamed for this, keep in mind that this is just my honest opinion. Im sure there are tons of people that enjoy playing the game rn, however most of them dont know what it was like when the game was rapidly improving from 2012/2013 to where its hit its absolute peak between 2014 and 2017 and was thriving.
So, I have stopped playing primarly wot and spending money on it and only played when I felt like it and around the beggining/middle of 2019, (almost 2 years now wow) I stopped completely, mainly because I didnt want to keep seeing how wargaming destroys the game's potential due to their greediness and inconpetence (plus I got other hobbies so it was easier to forget about wot) and honestly, lately life has been pretty bad and I remembered how much I enjoyed this game to the point where it was the only good thing in my life during that time. Met a lot of people in clans and teams, including current close friends. Just checked out my old youtube videos I made about the game back when I actually enjoyed playing and got me all nostalgic… Back when the game was still alive and relevant. Its not like it didnt have issues even back then, it was full of problems now that I think about it, but it was still easily tolerable. However, its been downhill for a long time now, it all started just before they introduced the stun mechanics in 9.18. When they did that, thats when the snowball started rolling downhill.
So for me, world of tanks hit its peak between the 9.13 and 9.17 patch, thats when I got good at the game and started playing competitively, however I enjoyed the game in general between 2014 and 2018. During that dark 4 years of my life, wot was the thing that kept me going. Anywhere I was, tanks were rolling around in my mind and I couldnt wait to get home finally, get on TS with my friends and just play for 10 hours straight.
Honestly, Im grateful for the developers that they made the game and made it possible for me to experience all the good things, eventough they are mainly the ones to blame why the game went downhill also.
I guess dont cry that its over, smile that it happened.
So, thank you for attending my TED talk.
What was you guys's favorite wot period?

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