Opinion: Why the special shell rebalance is bad

What they're doing: Increase vehicle HP, increase standard shell alpha, gold shell alpha stays the same.

What they should do: Just reduce gold shell damage (AP/APCR/HEAT) (example: APCR-HEAT-HE 390-290-480)

Why: Let's say you're facing an IS-3, it's a one shot for you, you have 500 HP. Currently, you can peek safely, trade and get the kill.

In the sandbox, since they're increasing alpha damage, you become a one shot for its 120mm too. But you will be unaware because it got buffed.

Veteran players make decisions using their HP, calculating it relative to enemy gun calibers. Like: I have 500 HP and I will be a two shot for their 105mm guns but the 155mm's will one shot me.

Now with this change, all that knowledge goes to trash. It is a big "screw your knowledge" to veteran players.

Why not just reduce gold shell damage instead of going through all this pain and trying to balance alpha relative to the HP increase? Keep vehicle HP the same, reduce gold shell damage (HESH stays the same) and everyone's happy.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/bws1on/opinion_why_the_special_shell_rebalance_is_bad/

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