Play Your Tank Class Right! Missions are great, but…

The light tank one is just stupid. Playing light tanks to only spot and not be spotted is just too superficial and in no way the right way to play it.

I am kinda new to light tanks and used to play just like the missions told me to and get that sweet 10k exp. My games weren't shit, but in no way were great, just a good game every dozen of games.

Now I have been playing to spot more aggressively and deal snapshots and light tanks have never been that much enjoyable, plus my stats with them are quickly rising.

I am learning faster which mistakes are fatal and when it's worth taking the risk than just playing like the missions tell me to. My overall experience with medium tanks has also improved by a lot.

So what do you guys think? I think that the light tanks mission is just dumb and teaches new players that light tanks are just a class to be played like pussies, while the other missions can be completed by just playing well.

Am I just too dumb to have great games while playing like the missions tell me to or you guys also think light tank missions should be reworked?


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