Recommended tank lines for tier 6-8 play?

Hey all, I made a post a while back asking for insight and got some answers, but was hoping to refine my question a little bit more. I think a lot of recommendations were given with Tier X being the ultimate goal in mind, but I'll likely never make it there. I'm really interested in what you guys would recommend as really fun lines in the medium tiers, however.

Right now I have:

  1. Type-T34 (Tier 4 Japanese Medium into heavy line)
  2. T-34 (Tier 4 Russian Medium into medium ending with object 430u line)
  3. M3 Lee (Tier 4 USA Medium into Medium line)
  4. SU-85B (Tier 4 Russian TD line)
  5. Tier 4 Swedish TD
  6. Tier 6 Italian Medium
  7. Tier 4 German Heavy (going down the Tiger line)
  8. Covenenanter (Tier 4 British Medium)

Are any of these going to set me up for a lot of pain in the future? Any others you'd recommend? Thank you all again!


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