Redeem Twitch Package India – secondary account

1) I already have a TWITCH Prime account and receive the care packages for my account

2) i was watching a stream one day ( during twitch con san diego) last week, when i checked my email later that day someone had gifted me a TWITCH CARE PACKAGE INDIA. I think they were spamming them out.

3) I have a secondary account ,my sons – he hardly play it, so i am thinking he might as well get a nice camo / rental/ and of course the three perk commander.

Problem is i am having difficulty connecting the account. Amazon asks me to join PRIME * enter credit card * which i dont want to do. I am pretty sure when i heard the stream they were blathering that that wasnt required. Anyone else have this problem or any idea how I can get the loot?



You just received World of Tanks: Care Package from

XXXXX, courtesy of Twitch Prime.

Redeem by October 27, 2019!"


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