Review of Lines and Prems (Long Post)

This post is mainly for my own reference but if you care then I cover all lines I have from 5-10 or at least up to tier 8 and my premiums. I don't cover SPGs because ew.


TL;DR the best / easiest lines are the krank wagon, shit barn, IS-7 / 277, and cent ax.

The best memes are the AT-7, crusader, T49, KV-2, A44, chi-ri, SU-152, and AMX AC 48.

The best hidden jems are the T-25 AT, type 61, comet, Conway, charioteer, Bat 25t AP, and VK 3001 P.

Prems worth getting: Patriot, Ravioli, Defender, Skorpion, 112, and Wz 120 1 g ft


T110E4: Gone up to the T-30, its worth going up this line for the T-30 if you've got the T110E3 line researched / have a lot of free exp for the T-28 Prot guns.

The T-30 is pretty unique for having a great gun, turret, and depression. It use to be a tier 10 heavy for a reason. Definitely the highlight of the line.

The T-28-prot is…. meh, it has a pretty solid hull and gun but its slow and has tier 7 HP. Often you'll die to arty because your so slow and have such little side armor. Also the guns are shared with the T-28 and T-25 AT but not the T25/2 so the stock grind is b a d if you don't have the E3 line researched. Not really worth keeping.

The T25/2 is… ok, its like a T20 that gets a mantlet in exchange for traverse speed and HP. I wouldn't keep it. I like to think about it as a generic tier 8 med with low HP. So you can't bully anything but the gimpiest of tanks and you have to play the perpetual chippy chip game.

The hellcat is a strange tank, very fast with bad traverse and no armor. Its a tank that begs to be aggressive but it doesn't have the handling, traverse, armor, and HP to do so. If you don't mind running and sniping a lot then this is a keeper.

The T67 is op and the wolverine is…. neat. I like the wolverine but its not the best. Its like a M4 with no armor.


T49 and haven't played the lower tiers since the LT nerf. The T49 is very fun, especially with the 152 heat memes. If you don't care about the t49 derp quest then don't bother with this line.


T57: A very strong tier 10. Troll armor, an alright autoloader that's made amazing by its reload time. This thing is basically a DPM adventure. If you don't care about clipping people for 1200 every 25 seconds then don't bother.

The T54E1 is… neat. It has a very derpy gun and long reload but it has troll armor and low silver pen. If you shoot APCR its basically a good 50120 that can dump its mag faster.

The T69 is not the best tier 8 med but its definitely one of the better ones. Its not huge, has nice troll armor, good gun handling for an auto loader(its like a AMX CDC), and is relatively mobile. I would've kept it if tier 8 meds weren't brutalized by teir 9s and 10s.

The M7, T21, and T71 use to be very fun before the LT nerfs(3 marked the M7 and 2 marked the T21) now they're pretty blind and not v-fun imo.


T110E3: Its a very hit or miss tank. If you want to do missions this tank will yield golden eggs relatively frequently but the games in-between will be awful. You don't have a lot of gun traverse and your sides are cheese. I would recommend stopping at the T25AT.

The T95. Hit or miss but even more so than the E3. Extremely slow with armor that's either amazing or terrible depending on your opponents. Good for memes, bad for everything else.

The T28. Its basically a captain america slug. Slow, soft sides, a front made of murika and a gun that's pretty good if people try to take the pepsi challenge with your front. I like it because its stupid but other than that its trash. WG gave it a bunch of HP for a reason.

The T25 AT is my favorite tank in this whole game(3 marked). Its such a hidden jem. The gun, the speed, the armor, everything is just delicious. Its reverse speed lets its peak ridge lines like a medium, the gun handling isn't potato tier like most TDs, and the armor gets really thick when you're baiting on a ridge line. Its awful at sniping and its awful with corners, but in a hilly field its very strong for a tier 7 – if you have support -. As a turretless tank you can get tracked and raped so don't get too close and don't go alone.

The Jackson is… ok. Its basically a hellcat that's slow with better gun handling and traverse. I think of it like a t20 with a broken engine.

The wolverine is…. ok. I like the wolverine but its not the best. Its like a M4 with no armor and less hp.


T110E5: Its kinda what you'd think it would be. A bad Super Conq with a tumor and painful tanks leading up to it.

The M103 is basically a ST-I that traded armor for speed(2 marked). The turret above the gun is surprisingly weak, the roof, the turmor, and the forehead all can be reliably penned. It really reminds me of german heavies. A shitty turret, a shitty lower plate, and a good upper plate. You can certainly do good in it because cyka blat tier 9 and you look spooki. Not a keeper, maybe the worse armored tier 9 heavy.

The T32 is basically a T-29 on steroids… but its been power creeped to hell. Low pen, not as fast as you'd think, meh hull, and meh gun handling. Some people really like it, but not me. I'd stop at the T-29 if I were you.

The T29. The best tier 7 heavy imo. A strong turret, a strong gun, an alright hull, and ok speed. Most tier 7 heavies have pretty shitty armor but this thing is dirty. Its basically a tier 8 with low HP. I'd stop going up the line here.

The M6. Its… meh. Its a huge generic pokey pokey tank with bad armor and ok gun and ok speed. Its like a AMX M4 45 at tier 6. I wouldn't keep it and it could be pretty painful if you're not use to this type of play.

The T-1 Heavy. Its like a M4 if you could only use the 76, were huge, and had high HP. Not very good but not horrid.


The M48 Patton. If you like gun handling this is the tank for you. Its got troll armor and middle of the road stats in every category except for how fucking dirty that gun handling is. Definitely a keeper.

The M46 Patton. Basically a m48 without armor, much less pen, and alright gun handling. If you spam gold its amazing, if you don't it can be pretty painful since you have no armor.

The Pershing. One of the worse tier 8 meds. Its huge, its has bad pen, bad aim time, tier 5 dpm like all single shot 240 alpha tier 8 meds, and it has no hull armor. If you're on the fence about the M48, this will make you drop the line.

The T20. Its a runny runny snipey snipey medium. Its pretty fast with no armor and an ok gun. solid C+

The E8 is… meh. The gun definitely is not as good at tier 6 as it was at tier 5. If you don't mind the pen its definitely workable but it can also make you tear your hair out because tier 6 has a lot of KV-2s and OIs that can AP you out of existence.

The M4 is dirty with the 105 heat derps. Great depression, ok speed, good view range, ok armor, and ok derp handling. I've 3 marked it and I keep it for event missions.


German Super Heavies: WG shuffled these lines up so I've just going to talk about tanks randomly in these lines.

Maus: Good for missions, not very fun, and exactly how you'd think it would be. Basically an armored tog 2.

VKB: hated it pre-nerf, hate it now. The stereotypical german heavy with a bad turret, meh lower plate and great upper plate. I'm in the cult of "if your turret isn't good your hull doesn't matter" and fucking christ does this tank make my pp sad.

VKA: better than it use to be, still not very good. Think fast tiger 2. So fast trash.

Tiger P: if you're fighting idiots it will steam roll. If you're not then rip. all your armor is concentrated in your middle upper plate so if you get shot anywhere else its a rip. Its not a W I D E boi like the tiger 1 so you can kinda work around your armor but it will be either a struggle with a slow marshmallow or a steam roll with a steel turtle.

Tiger 1: very W I D E, very soft, very awkward, and very bad. Its everything bad about the AMX M4 45 but worse. But hey at least you have a fuck ton of HP like a tog 2.

Panther: bad in every way except for pen… but the 2 key exists so this tanks is just a pre gold ammo for silver tank that never got buffed.

VKP(tier 6): Imagine a tiger 1 that's not wide and is fast-ish at tier 6. Pretty good, for the dpm/alpha memes. If I'm not mistaken its the tier 6 premium czec medium with armor and more gun depression.

PZ4H: Imagine an M4 that's faster, with a tumor, and more DPM.

VKM and VKH, its been awhile but I remember not liking them.


Leopard 1: pretty good after the buffs. Still made of marshmallow tho. Its basically "plz don't look at me I'm disabled but I also have autism strength."

Leo PTA: a Leo 1 but scaled down to tier 9. itsok

Indien Pz. I really liked this tank. Its a stereotypical tier 8 240 med but with troll armor and CDC levels of gun handling.

All the LTs were changed after I played them so *shrug*


Jg Pz E100 / Grille 15

Played both these lines up to tier 8 and the Borsig is basically "I have a turret and 700 alpha at tier 8" and the Jpanther 2 is "I can scoot with a 128mm and I have a spicy super-structure". The Jg Panther 2 feels like a shitty T25 AT and the Jpanther 1 is straight up a shitty T25 AT. St Emil is painfully slow, its just a may may tank. Flat pz is a VKP without a turret The AA and Nashorn are just snipy snipe exp pinatas. I wouldn't really bother with these lines unless you really like red line camo TD gameplay.


Obj. 268 This whole line is basically "lets take the SU-152 then progressively give it more speed, gun handling, DPM, and armor" I'd just stop at the SU-152 and enjoy the tier 7 heat memes.

SU 100. A KV-85 without a turret. Solid B though. Not much to it, its exactly how you'd imagine.

SU85. A T-34-85 without a turret. Very meh. I'm not a snipey snipe player so this tank is just painful.


T-62A / Obj 140 Both are good and meta flexible meds with amazing turrets that are small. Very meta, much wow.

T54 is basically a t62a / 140 with low pen, a worse(but still good) turret, and a better hull. Shoot heat and embody filth.

T-44 its pretty bad but its actually really good for frontlines. workable armor, nice turret, small, and fast enough. Its built for objective play. AKA trash in randoms and oof in frontlines. Some can make it work but its still a 240(250) tier 8 med so its crippled with MM and DPM.

T43 just a t-34-85 at tier 7. Basically as good tier for tier as the T44, so meh.

T3485. very good, enough to side scrape other mediums or lower tier heavies. The gun and turret are spicy and the mobility is pretty alright for what you're dragging around. I don't think its as good as the cromwell but I prefer it to the crommy so its either the 2nd best tier 6 med or tied for 1st. Definitely a keeper if you don't have a rudy or cyka blat t3485m which is just a t-34-85 but better in every way.

T-34 (3 marked). This thing is for shit lords like me who want to run around with 2.7k dpm in a tier 5 without depending on heat memes. Armor is good, gun is good, speed is good, this thing is just dirty. Only problems are the gun is awful at range and the turret is only good for the autobounce sections. This was my 2nd favorite tier 5 med but now that the M7 is a light tank and made of actual ass, the T-34 is bay.


IS-4. Its like a juiced up IS-6 that's slow. Not very good considering all the other tier 10 heavies and honestly I'd take a pre nerf STI with tier 10 HP and gun handling over the IS4.

STI(2 marked) very solid but its tumor got nerfed so now its not a "go fuck yourself" russian heavy turret anymore. It honestly feels like a tier 10 that's at tier 9 with a broken-ish engine. Definitely my favorite tier 9 heavy. Good in the city and good on hills. Not many heavies have 8 degrees of gun dep and have the coveted Turret > upper hull > lower hull armor lay out. Definitely a keeper and the highlight of the line.

KV4: Its very bad. Slow, meh gun, meh armor, has a tumor, and has really been power creeped. Its only "wow" feature is the stupid thick side armor. Not a keeper.

KV3: Same as the KV4 but worse hull armor and a better turret. Basically just a bad IS-1/IS-2. Not a keeper.

T-150: same deal as the kv-3. Wouldn't keep it in today's meta.

KV-2: If you don't care about the ST-I then stop here. The 152 memes are powerful and you have a turret. Not much more you could ever ask for.

KV-1: The sexual exploration tank. If you like the 57mm go up the 140 line, if you like the 122 go up the jap heavy line, if you like the 85 go up the IS7 / 277 line. This tank exists to kick tier 3s and get kicked by tier 7s. Wouldn't keep it unless you're a deeeeeep red player and needs some idiot proofing. I really like the 122 heat memes at tier 5 but other than that its p-boring.


IS-7 / 277 I stopped at tier 9, not because these lines aren't good but I felt dirty playing them.

T-10. Basically a IS-3 at tier 9 who's armor crawled off the lower plate and onto the upper plate. Very good and a keeper if it tickles your pickle.

  1. Basically a defender at tier 9 with some side armor memes. I just felt dirty playing it so I stopped ~ half way to the IS-7. Very good and a keeper if it tickles your pickle.

IS-3. I did the whole grind from stock in 70 games. This is the best tier 8 non-prem heavy. It don't have defender levels of armor but its fast with really troll armor, speed, and a really spicy gun. A keeper if you can live with yourself at night.

IS-1. an IS-2 with more troll armor. It gets kicked pretty hard by tier 9s because of the pen but you can just go to medium flanks and RP a good tier 8 med with low HP. Its a 390 alpha delivery device with armor because russia. A keeper if you don't have a IS2 berlin / M.

KV-85 the sad post nutt KV-1S. Basically a tier 5 heavy with a tier 7 heavy gun that handles like shit. It will either tickle your pickle or be a painful grind. Its certainly not bad but if you have KV-1S nostalgia its just depressing.

KV-1S its just a kv1 that's faster. Not much to say, I didn't keep it but if you want to roll 122 heat memes then keep it for missions.

KV-1: The sexual exploration tank. If you like the 57mm go up the 140 line, if you like the 122 go up the jap heavy line, if you like the 85 go up the IS7 / 277 line. This tank exists to kick tier 3s and get kicked by tier 7s. Wouldn't keep it unless you're a deeeeeep red player and needs some idiot proofing. I really like the 122 heat memes at tier 5 but other than that its p-boring.


Cent AX: I stopped at tier 8 when WG released the cent 1 but better and premium. I'll pick up the line again later for the 7/1 hesh memes but if I were you I'd stop at tier 7.

Comet: Did the whole grind from stock in 40 games. This tanks is really really good, probably my favorite tier 7 medium. Its fast with good gun handling, depression, and mantlet. If you're thinking about going up this line and don't care about the cent 7/1 then stop here.

Cromwell: Considered the best tier 6 med for good reason. Its very fast with a good gun. Its basically a pre nerf tier 6 LT with HP instead of camo. I'm not a fan of it and I did the grind in 20 games so *shrug*. I have a cromby so I have played it more and I still don't like it. I feel dirty and the gun handling makes my pp soft.

Crusader: Its like the old M7 but slow. Its pretty nice for my play style but the real selling point is the dank 3 inch howitzer memes. the 3" sucks but you can loop it over hills like arty and I can't stop laughing while using it. A very silly tank that will get 105 derped to hell. Not a keeper unless you're a meme lord like me.


Super Conq. I stopped going up the line because the caern was pre nerf and I waited for this to come out. When it did it turned out to be op so I never picked it up again.

Caernarvon: Its like the T26E5 but slower. Its good and boring so I don't have much to say about it. Play on ridgelines and perma track all the things.

Black Prince: The N word pass is a pretty bad tank. Unless you want to be OP at tier 10 don't bother with this line because of this tank and the previous tanks. Its armor, speed, gun, and depression are all bad. Not a keeper at all.

Churchil 7 & 1: Both the same deal as the black prince. They're workable because of their high HP but they generally suck. IF you don't care about the S conq then don't bother with this line.


badger line got revamed since I last played. But for what its worth everything sucked except for the tier 7 and the tier 10 sucks so bleh.


FV4005 I'm at tier 9 because I never bothered to buy it because I have a death star.

Conway: A very good tank. The 120 has great DPM for a turreted TD and the 140 has the spicies hesh in the land. I love this tank but not as much as the tier 8.

Charioteer: My favorite tier 8 TD. 278 base pen, 200 hesh pen, fast, has a turret, has gun depression, isn't huge… its perfect. Its only problem is its tier 7 HP. 100% a keeper.

challenger was changed after I played it, its presumably not shit now but I wouldn't know

Firefly: It a tier 6 panther… so it sucks.

Sherman 3: its just a m4… so its great.


50B: Stopped at tier 9 because the krank waggon came out. TL;DR unless you really really really want the 50B don't go up this line.

50 120: Huge, made of paper, slow, and has a… "ok" gun. Its like a T54E1 but bad.

50 100: Same as the 50 120 but its like the lorr or samua but bad. Its kinda neat to clip IS-3s tho.

AMX M4 45. Its like the 50 120 but you don't have a good gun. Its like a Tiger 1 but its not wide. Its like a roll of toilet paper you dropped in the bath. Its like aids if aids was also ebola.

ARL44: Holy fuck this tanks is a long grind, its not terrible but it just takes a lot of exp(its like 120k or something stupid like that). It has p-spicy armor though. I liked it but the tier 6 heavy life is suffering.

G1R: Imagine an PZ4 H but low and the 105 has strangely high velocity HE. Not very good compaired to its peers but really good because 105 heat at tier 5 memes.


B-C25t AP all the LTs got nerfed and I haven't gotten the bat chat yet. so this section is just this tank. Its like a 50100 but good. Its small, fast, and the gun is really spicy. Its quite a fun tank but it gets HEed a lot. Not worth played through the LTs tho, just go up the wheel chair line.


Foch B: I stopped at tier 8 because its just that but with more HP and shots in the mag at tier 9 and 10.

AMX AC 48: Oh lawd the shit bus. Its huge with meme front armor and auto loader and surprisingly fast with tier 7 HP. I love it for the dank may mays but it honestly sucks.

AMX AC 46: its like a t25 AT but bad with actual armor and actual tumors. If you don't want the shit bus auto loaders don't bother with this line because this, the V39 and bath tub are actual cancer.

ARL V39: its b b b b bad. Like really really really bad. I don't even want to dignify it with an explanation, its like the tier 5 but fast ish and with a tumor.

Bath tub: I take showers


Skoda t 50: didn't bother going to tier 10 becasue this thing is all I could ever want. The gun handling, reload, and clip potential is amazing, the tanks is fast, and it has no armor at all. 1000% a keeper. Prob my fav tier 9 med.

TVP VTU a generic tier 8 med but worse. I'd use the 88 with the stock turret so I can be a shitty STA1 instead of a shitty T44 / T-34-2. f u c k this tank

T-34 100 Imagine a t-34 -85 but with less gun depression, speed, and will to live. its bbbbbad

Skoda t 25. Spicy auto loader thats p-fast. Very fun, a keeper.

skoda t24 is just pain and suffering. Not TVP VTU suffering but still suffering.


STB-1: I just don't have enough exp for this yet .n.

Type 61: Many people got pretty grump at the alpha nerf to this tank but the 360 gives this tank a pretty interesting niche. Its like a russian tier 9 where the alpha isn't good for trading but the reload is fast enough that you can trade 2 shots for 1. However, unlike russian tier 9s, this has gun depression so you can be flexible on hills. That makes this tank surprisingly interesting to play unlike the generic 390 alpha paper meds at tier 9. The patch notes said they "increased the armor for brawling" but really this armor is paper. I really like this tank and although its not meta like the T54, its a very comfortable tank to play.

STA-1: its a very generic 240 alpha tier 8 med. Solid meh

Chi-ri best tier 11 spg. Its huge, its made of paper, and its got a spicy autoloader. Its basically a bad IS-1 but it has dank may mays so that's nice.

chi to nu kai ku blah blah this and the tier 5 are just a 76 M4 and an E8 with more pen. Not much to say, they're fine and boring.


WZ 111 5a: its just a bad IS7. Less armor for more speed, not worth it.

Juan Juan Juan 5A: The only mexican tank in the game and kinda spicy for having a 130mm at tier 9. Basically just the 5A with less DPM / a T-10 with less armor and more alpha. Its fine and a keeper if you like pretending to be a medium while in a heavy.

110: Basically a defender but bad. You have "comparatively" a bad gun, with bad armor and bad speed. Its only may may it sitting with your lower plate covered and not angled at all. If you get caught out, angle, or meet a better tank you're fucked. D+

IS-2, its a IS-1 with less troll armor, some people like it over the IS-1 but they play the it like a heavy and not a med, which is wrong imo. This tank is meant to roll over all the enemy meds before your team TKs you for playing the medium flank. Solid tank, a keeper if you don't have a IS-1, IS-2B, or IS-2M.

Type 58: its straight up a bad t3485. Not a keeper.

Type T-34: its straight up a bad t34. Not a keeper.


emil 1. this line is a walk in the park. The tier 5 is p-bad but the tier 6 is gun handling quest, the tier 7 is a comet with less armor but more alpha, and the emils are extremely powerful autloaders. Having A great armor lay out + depression + and autloader is delicious. The only issue is they have low DPM and the guns are a bit derpy. Other than that they're amazing. prob the easiest line aside from the IS7 / 277.


Obj. 430 2: its a t54 but like… bad. its rear mounted and has no gun depression, not much more to say. Its fine but not a keeper or competitive while the t54 exists.

Obj 416: its a t54 gun on a bad platform. No depression and p-meh armor. One of the more interesting tier 8 mediums and some people really like it. Not bad though. B+

A44: Oh Lawd this thing is amazing. This is going to sound stupid but its a kv-5. Its singular goal in life is to ram people. Its pretty fast, especially down a hill, its very heavy, and has thick band of front armor for ramming. Back in the old physics you could punt hellcats out of existence like super smash bros. The gun is pretty good, the armor is alright, and the memes are dank. Definitely a keeper.

A43: This tank is basically a tier 6 t34 with worse armor and better gun handling. its bad.

T-34 (3 marked). This thing is for shit lords like me who want to run around with 2.7k dpm in a tier 5 without depending on heat memes. Armor is good, gun is good, speed is good, this thing is just dirty. Only problems are the gun is awful at range and the turret is only good for the autobounce sections. This was my 2nd favorite tier 5 med but now that the M7 is a light tank and made of actual ass, the T-34 is bay.


t54 light weight its the best tier 9 light. Its like a wizzy but with some armor. Feels like a t44 but fast. The tanks previous to this got changed after I played them.


RU 251: Its the passive scout tier 9 LT. AKA it sucks in this wheel chair world. Its definitely the worse tier 9 light tank. All the previous tanks got changed after I played them. I actually really liked this line before, feels bad man.


1390: its….. its not very good. Some people like it but its not my cup of tea. The DPM is too low and the gun handling is too aids. The HP is also straight up less than a tog 2 by 200. If you actually want a LT line for mission do the russian line or the wheel chair line.



Foch 155. A dank may may tank that's actually good. You can clip tier 10s and you have good pen, alright armor, and speed.

Death Star. It a death star. Great with hesh and actually great with AP.

T55A. A T54 without armor…. so an above average tier 9 med #ShotsFired

STRV S1: its a cheese wedge that can bounce tier 8 meds and below… neat. If you don't like gold ammo then I guess this is your guy since it has 300 pen standard. I'm not a fan.

112 Strong armor and shit pen unless you press 2. I'd say its the best pref MM tank. The mutant is neat but its too fat.

WZ-120-1g FT. Its…. "good". Its like a SU 122 44 at tier 8. I just can't stop thinking I'm in a T25 AT. The armor is good, the gun is good, the speed its good but the gun depression and handling is meh.

STA-2 a generic 240 alpha tier 8 medium. Save your gold.

59-patton. I actually really like this tank. its a generic 240 alpha tier 8 medium but with armor and a dank may may tumor that is basically a distraction carnifex.

AMC CDC (2 marked) probably the worse tier 8 prem medium. Made of paper, bad gun handling, and its fucking huge. D-, save your money.

M4A1 Ravioli. (2 marked) basically a M4 with a 390 alpha laser beam. Its bad at sniping so stay in the 2nd line and yell BAP every time you shoot to appease the RNG god. One of the funner tier 8 prems.

IS6. It has strong armor all over but it doesn't have a black hole side skirt like the IS3 and it has cheeks so you cant angle up like a 112. Its pretty fast though. I think of it like a IS-1. Roll over the medium flank before your team TKs you. Get a 112 instead.

AMX M4 mle. 49. Its like a slowva but you cant side scrape, you have a better hull, worse gun handling, and a lil tumor. I'm not a fan but its definitely a very strong tank.

KV-5 (3 marked) my favorite premium. Its surprisingly fast, has a lot of DPM, and very troll armor. its great for ramming memes and its the best puppy kicking pref tank. Not competitive at all but come on, its a kv-5. This things meme status is legendary.

(s) Lowe a very comfortable tank. The gun is very snappy, the armor layout is ideal and it can work cities and ridgelines. If you could only have 1 tier 8 prem heavy, this isn't a bad choice.

Obj. 252U. Imagine a 110 but better in every way. Or imagine a 257 at tier 8 with worse gun handling and a broken engine. This thing is just broken. I feel dirty owning it.

Skorp G. Imagine being a borsig but good. Its most comparable to a hellcat but the gun is much better for the tier. Prob the strongest tier 8 TD.

M41 90 fun for the hesh memes and its a pre-LT nerf light so it has dpm, speed, view range, and a competitive gun. Not the best tier 8 prem LT because russia but its good.

T26E5 (2 marked). Imagine a pershing but with armor and pen. Debatable the best tier 8 premium. Its definitely more consistent than that defender.

T34B. Imagine a slowva but with more pen, alpha, no hull armor, a worse turret, and bad gun handling. Not the best but still usable. I find it neat but I like the KV5 so take my word with a grain of salt.

T25 pilot. Imagine a pershing but with even worse hull armor and slightly faster. Its bad, dont get it.

Mutz. cyka blat sweedish tank is german because time. Its basically just an indien pz thats faster but awkward gun depression. I'd pass on it.

Super pershing. Kinda good and kinda bad. Sometimes the armor works and some times it doesn't. its good at rolling over other mediums and its not as slow as you'd imagine.

T28 HTC. very bad. Its only good for jbaiting people who don't know the tumors are weak. Kinda neat for front scraping corners like an ARL 44

E25. its a broken rat tank. Pre TD nerf camo with a fuck ton of DPM and speed. I feel dirty owning it.

HT no. 6 its how the tiger 1 should be. The armor is workable at tier 6 and the pen doesn't matter because the 2 key exists.

STRV m/42-57 Alt A.2. At first you'd think it would be great but no, the gun handles like ass, it has a middle mounted turret, and its very slow. I wouldn't buy it.

Tog II. Best tier 23 Light tank. Its a big ol exp pinyata. Good for trading people to death before you get farmed.

Cromby. its a cromwell… but premium.

SU100y. Big, nasty gun, made of paper, bad accuracy, bad traverse, slow. Its not good at sniping and not good close up, its strange. Just trade people into infinity and hope you don't get perma tracked. Or snipe and miss 70% of your shots.

Rudy. Its a t-34-85… but premium and 1 less crew slot.

M10 RBFM its a 76 wolverine…. but premium

Churchill III. Imagine an excelsior… but slow

T25. Imagine a pz 4 with a 75… but with no view range.

Ram 2. Imagine a m4 but with less view range and a 57mm

T14. Imagine a ram 2 but smaller and with more HP

King Tiger C How the tiger 2 should be. Its armor is actually good at tier 7 and the 88 is better at tier 7 than the 100 is at tier 8.


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