SA Servers are absolutely garbage right now in terms of connection

Rant & Vent: I was doing a tournament on SA and was going to win, giving me First place and 600 gold, but because of a fucking stuttering on the server that HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR LIKE A MONTH OR SO, my last shot wasn't fired because of it, I was definitelly going to win but didn't manage to kill my opponent because of this stupid stuttering, and ended up in Third place, 100 gold.

This is fucking unacceptable and has been going on for like a month on the South American server whenever I try to do tournaments, or better, play on SA at all when I have to sometimes, mostly tournaments. I get lag Spikes once or twice per match on SA, maybe even three times, depends on how long the match lasts. This might not look like much to you but it does to me, i'm currently saving up gold for the Lowe and getting less gold than I technically should is just sad, and it's horrible how WG doesn't care about the stability of the server.

Here's the replay of the match if anyone is curious, enjoy the suffering:

PS: Feel free to comment your perspective about how I don't deserve the gold anyway cuz I bounced some shots on the T-150 even before the stutter happened, in case you have that opinion of course. My point still remains, I could have won the match without the stutter, and the fact that it is there after a whole month or more is sickening.


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