Setter just isn’t going to make the cut

Like many others, I stocked up on Xp on my Cromwell when I heard the announcement of UK Light tanks coming to the game, so when they came out I could unlock the tier 7 and play it. Well I read all the harsh criticism that was published from all the CC's about how trash this tank line is etc… but I still did it anyway, thinking maybe it won't be that bad.

While I only have the Setter and played about 2 dozen matches in it, I can say it is an ok light tank, but it is so meh in all aspects other than the camo rating.

Do I enjoy playing it? Sure it is decently fun to play, but I feel so underwhelming with light tank duties when playing it. I don't usually get a lot of spotting assist dmg, even tough I seem to spot lots of targets. The gun is weak and I don't get a lot of dmg. I just seem to be middle of the road with it.

I am also playing the AMX 13 75 Tier 7 French Light, and personally I enjoy that tank so much better. I feel like I can spot decent amounts of tanks, get a good amount of spotting dmg and also has the auto-loader to allow me to dish out the hurt if I need to.

I know comparing these two tanks are like oil and water, they both play differently, and both are capable of different things, but i the end the Setter just needs something more in order to be more effective. I know this has been said many many times over the past weeks when the stats and test game-play were released for it, but now after experiencing it, something needs to be changed on it. I am not giving up on it, I just won't be playing it as much as I wanted to.

More Alpha, more speed and a slightly faster rate of fire would really help that little guy


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