Shitpost / ventpost / whining at the whiner post

Yes, by making this post I prove that I want a cookie for my worse-than-low-quality addition to this forum.

Today I played a bunch of games and all was going well until I got into a game on Malinovka where this GW Tiger player was bitching at light tanks as he had nobody lit at that moment. The heavies were really taking their time trundling up the hill so no spots there, and both light tanks were down to one-shot and there was an enemy light in the center bush with total vision control with their TD's ready to finish off anyone spotted. Our lights fell back, as they should, and the whining began. The GW Tiger called them names and wouldn't STFU, spamming the map, demanding the lights spot but being clueless that would be worse than them just sitting back. I should have blacklisted him right there but am a very tolerant person…in game and life, so just ignored it. We went on to win because our heavies carried the hill and swept down the hill to clear the field cautiously, so all was well.

Two games later on Prok (south spawn), I am paired with same complaining arty. Any time the map would go dark, he would start pinging and calling for "SPOTS!!!" "I can't shoot what I can't see!" I am playing e25 with binocs, had the east flank covered with vision as I had driven straight to the edge of the hill on the enemy side, and was the most forward of our team by a long shot. I keep getting spots here and there as enemy tanks moved. Eventually the other team understands I own vision on that flank and stop getting lit by me. The last enemy heavy in the center died as I had him spotted, so I chose to relocate by circling back off the hill to the tracks line as I could no longer push forward without getting myself lit as I came down the hill. All the while the GW Tiger is pinging the map, calling for spots and crying, "e25, spot!" I tell him to just hang on as I needed to relocate. I was nice about it, even though he was bitching. I got to the bush line I wanted, pushed up bush by bush, stopping to allow binocs to activate each time, then would push up to the next bush. In the middle of this, he ramps up the bitching and starts calling me names.

I make the irrational (for me) decision that enough was enough. Instead of blacklisting him, I told him to STFU or I would stop pushing and fall back to fuck with him. He called me a coward. I fell back and bullied him as he kept bitching. He kept shooting me and causing himself damage. At this point, winning the game had zero place in my mind. I was willing to lose to see him receive my angst. Finally he drove to the middle of the map and got spotted and killed. He had no shots the last 2/3 of the game as I stayed on him. Feeling somewhat better about it, I fell back to a good location, spotted the last kills, and we won.

If I get banned for pushing him around to miss shots, so be it, but if people just bitch and bitch every game, they really ruin the enjoyment for so many others. At 55 years old, I really don't care much about others who have a vent about gameplay now and then. I ignore it. I bet this is the 3rd time I've reacted at someone in the 17k games I have played. But for those that just bitch in-game nonstop, calling individual players out when they are doing their jobs, it really feels better to eventually fight back a bit.

Sorry about the shitpost. It's prolly better if you don't up or downvote…just let the thread die off quickly. For me, writing this down and hitting post was somewhat therapeutic.


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