Shower thought: Since repair kits were changed to have a cooldown timer, the core gameplay of WoT changed.

Here's a couple of points I noticed after WG changed consumables to have a cooldown timer, instead of a one-time use per battle. I'm not saying the changes were good or bad, these are just observations over the course of… whenever the update was released.

– You are far more likely to get "YOLO'D" by someone around a corner, especially in the late game as before the change, enemies were screwed if they could not fire their gun.

– As a result of the first point, this might have contributed to the fact games last a lot shorter nowadays.

– In general, players became less cautious because mistakes are forgiven more often in a game. Meaning WoT in general became more fast phaced and less tactical.

– Something I noticed personally: Before the consumables update, I often used my low-health tanks or even light tanks to bait enemies around a corner, track them and let the team farm them. This is far less common nowadays.

Anyone else having thoughts on this?


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