Simple ARTY changes

Even after shell changes, arty is still a big problem in the game. I though of few simple changes WG could try to do to reduce arty toxicity to a minimum.
1 – Make max 1 arty per battle. Simple way of reducing arty focus. Everyone here had battles, where you are on heavy tank and 3 arties just like you VERY much. 1 arty cant control whole map and shot every single spotted tank. This would also make those arty shot pings on mini map more useful. U see ping, this means the only arty in the game is on reload and you have 30-40s window to make play (if its open map).

2 – Stun changes. So as far as I know, now stun reduces crew efficiency by 50%. This is most frustrating thing about arty now. So my idea would be reworking stun from flat 50% into 10/20/30/40/50% depending on where shell fell. 10% reduction would be applied when arty flat out miss you and just touch you with stun range. IMO 10% wont bring that much of negative emotions to drivers when arty misses but stun is still applied. 20% would be from shell falling near tank. You dont get damage, but shell hits close enough to damage tracks as example. 30-40% would be applied from direct hits, but shells did not penetrate armor. Which % would be applied would be determined by which part of armor part was hit. Like if its heavy armored part and your shell did 100dmg as example, then 30% would be applied, if its less armored and you hit for 400 as example, then 40% would be applied. And then 50% would be applied only with full penetration. But full penetration with stun HE is not that offen now and only full paper tanks would suffer from this.

3 – Ping enemy arty location square on the mini map. With most arty players standing still for the whole game, this could be useful for players. What do I mean by pinging? It would just mark square on the mini map. Like A1 square, K8 square and etc. It wont ping exact location or wont be as accurate as shot pings on mini map, but when enemy arty makes shot, you would see square pinging for few seconds, from where arty shot was made. It would look something like old pinging on mini map, where u were pinging squares, not specific locations like now.

These were just my ideas, how to make arty less toxic in the game. If you have any comments or suggestions, what could be done differently, feel free to write. And please to toxic comments. 🙂


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