So when are those E100 and KV-4 buffs coming?

Just upgraded from the E75 to the E100 and what the fuck. E100 needs a buff to its turret armor because even angled people can still pen it quite easily. I can’t imagine the amount of times I have cried out in anger when some fucking object tank hits my angled turret right through it.

I don’t know entirely about the IS-4. It’s front armor is trash and needs a buff, but it looks nice if it was side scraping (which I would think work on an E100 better but the turret fails me) but then I would think you would have to lessen side armor since it is higher than the front armor. The weak spot on top of the turret should be buffed too. I mean I don’t know much about the IS-4 so maybe someone can yell at me in the comments why wargaming are even reworking a tank with weak frontal armor because it is meant for sidescraping. Maybe it’s because it needs to sidescrape in the first place I guess since most tanks that rely on it the most end up doing poor against other tanks that don’t need to do it but side scrape because they know it’s better to angle.


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