Some campaign missions requier a rework.

Hello, I'm probably not the only one that is stuck at certain few missions because they're just impossible to do in today's meta or requier way too much luck.

Light missions, these are pretty easy and I wouldn't really change anything.

Medium missions, same as light pretty easy can be done just by playing your favourite tank.

TD, requiers to play a few different TDs but still nothing too excesive.

SPG, oh boy, firstly why even force us to play this, most people don't enjoy these at all. Stun amount or damage done that's not really a problem but asistance that's just plain impossible most of the time, they can remove the stun with a click of two buttons. Yeah I could focus fire a single enemy but there's two problems with that, people avoid going too agressive after using up their medi kit and I doubt they'll try to push the same flank twice if they know arty is focusing them so I can't just stun someone on the open field and hope my team shoots at him. Secondly from my experiance the second shell kills them 75% of the time so I can't get any assist damage again and you expect me to get 2,3k assistance? That would either requier me to play about 100 games of arty or waste Orders and god forbid I will need those orders later that's another 200 games down the sink.

Heavy, everything is fine but the damn bounce + damage mission, how am I supposed to do that? I never shoot at anyone if my chance of penning is less than 50% percent why would I even waste money on something I know I won't scratch and a lot of people just switch to HE or Gold to guarantee a penetration resulting in 1000 bounced per game if you're lucky which isn't even close to three times my life pool I need for the missions and along side that you also need 2k damage, so I need to shoo away the people that are bad enough to shoot me, if Vk 100 P started shooting at me and I was bouncing shells off him I'd probably just retreat…

I would either include all ricochet + absorbed damage (tracks and what not), maybe even HE shell damage (Base He alpha – splash damage) into this mission or remove it entierly, people just aren't shooting you these days if their shells wont connect.

Campaign 2, takes some time and some missions requier you to adjust the playstlye but possible to do.


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