SPGs are a growing tumor in WoT

Because of the high amount of SPG players in tier 8,9 and 10, playing a Heavy or Medium tank in these tiers are a headache.
My Obj 705A (With SL equipment) got 1000 damage in a couple of seconds because I decided to go for a heavy tank after he took a shot at me.
(WG says SPGs are there to "PREVENT" camping).
My T-10 gets regularly banged up by SPGs.
I decided to camp and the second I get out, the torture began again.
So much so that I have decided to put my T-10 tank aside and Buy a FV207.
It's not torture, easier, rises less of a challenge and most importantly doesn't require almost any amount of skill.

AND THIS IS WHAT I MEAN when I say they are a growing tumor.

More and more players decide to play them because more and more players are getting frustrated playing against them.
I seriously doubt the IQ of whoever first introduced them to World of Tanks.
I even more doubt the IQ of whoever approved 3 SPG games.
SPGs will cause the end of this game.
Sorry for my bad english, not a native speaker.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/npquzh/spgs_are_a_growing_tumor_in_wot/

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