Steel Hunter is a Neat Mode but a TERRIBLE EVENT

So i think that Steel Hunter is a cool mode ( I don't really like it as a mode because I am tired of battle royales, WG is just too late to the party) but I think that as an event it is absolutely terrible due to the Chevron loss system.

I personally believe that an event should be fun, rewarding, and relatively manageable to reach most levels for all but the ABSOLUTE worst players. BUT Steel Hunter's chevron loss system is such a piece of shit because it penalizes players for getting an outcome that is COMPLETELY NATURAL in ANY BATTLE ROYALE. A big reason people like Battle Royales is that the only penalty for losing is some shame, not winning, and lower rewards. STEEL HUNTER on the other hand just says F-U to about a third of the player base because it punishes you for placing low by not only reducing your reward BUT BY ACTIVELY TAKING AWAY YOUR PROGRESS. In regard to battle royale design that is a shitty thing to do because BY DESIGN there always has to be someone who places low and you shouldn't punish them for that. In regard to event design that is a a shitty thing to do because it reduces the fun of the event, and in the larger context the TANK FEST Dog Tag event is also hurt by this.

Steel Hunter as an event would be better if WG just did not give progression rather than actively take it away. This kind of BULLSHIT has caused me to lose some faith in WG's ability to make decent event modes. I liked most of their event design up until Steel Hunter and Homefront, and these two events are showing that WG is just not at the top of their game in regard to making good event modes.

What do you all think about the mode as an event?


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