Strange gameplay mechanics

It has been a year since I started to play WoT, and I unlocked my first tier X tank a couple of weeks ago. I've played War Thunder before I played WoT, but the premium tanks, the premium bush camo system, and very harsh grind turned me away from it. I've played WoT far more than I've ever played WT, and I think I have some proper feedback aside from just crying.
1 – Everything can be sped up with real money, and the grind is designed this in mind. Even then the grind in this game is better than WT, at least I believe so. I didn't do a peer-reviewed study on this, it's just my opinion. However, pay to progress is still very harsh, and the game deliberately tries to frustrate players into buying Premium time, free experience and crew training.
2 – RNG! Maximum render distance: Ok, I can understand the design decision behind this. RNG on pen: still understandable, not all shells have the exact same powder and weight, and most WW2 shells wobble quite a bit during flight. So this one is understandable too. Spotting and camo system: Too convoluted and unintuitive, it took months for me to figure out all the details of this system and apply my knowledge on the battlefield. The Sixth Sense: The most ridiculous system I've ever seen in any game ever, and it's locked behind a huge grind or real money. After I unlocked like 4 Female Commanders, grind as many male commanders to have Sixth Sense that I started to feel comfortable playing without it. Still, I got used to it and it's absence, and I'm kind of ok with it now.
Gigantic gun dispersion!: Especially even while not moving the tank or the gun, having a 110% gunner, top gun, from a Cold War-era Tank Destroyer like Charioteer, and my shells still fly off to the orbit. Like, I'm not a very dedicated hardcore gamer, I learn as I play. I didn't look up the gun dispersion for tier xiii and higher as I grind. I assumed that since the technology is getting better, the gun accuracy would be better too, like irl or War Thunder. But noooooooooo, when I unlocked Charioteer I was very disappointed. Before I unlocked FV4005, I knew how silly its stats were, I unlocked it anyway for its absurd damage.
Now, when I go back and play for example, Achillies, it just plays better. It's more fun, it's more engaging. With Charioteer, all of my crew has at 3 skills, gun laying drive and top config and still, when my shells go to space and I got hit in return, losing money to repairs feel HORRIBLE. Playing with FV4005 is like betting on a coin toss but betting it will land on its side. I have to do multiple times the damage I have as hp and not get hit in return, and I'm supposed to do that with worst dispersion than a tier 3 tank shooting while moving with 50% crew…
Okay, I think I'm done with that. I had to get this out. I still like this game but, it would have been the best game ever for me if it wasn't trying to screw me over and take my money at every opportunity.


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