Strv S1

So The strv has been on my mind for a while and I do know that its kind of a one trick pony or mostly a situational tank as well as a team dependant tank. As for me I want a 2nd premium for mostly credit making.

So what i wanted to know is that, does it get boring over time? I know for a fact that when you get spotted you'll either get close to getting one shot or just get sent back to the garage. But i dont see it any different than what my paper autoloaders are like when i make mistakes. I actually played the Strv on the test server years ago when it was released but only for a few games so i dont remember how it went.

I was formerly a heavy tank player, but now i mainly play autoloaders and mediums and mostly high skill ceiling tanks in general. I also note that i have 1 premium, the WZ 120, a casemate TD and i do pretty well on it. Since i am also interested in being a bushwanker once in a while and the WZ 120 aint cutting it with magic shells past 300m so the strv piqued my interest.

Also last note, i can only buy premiums via gold ( due to some circumstances ) so any tank via website or store is unfortunately out of the picture.

So should i get the Strv? Or just pick a different tank for credit making?


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