The credits math for a mediocre player

Let's do the math here. I have 18 Tier 8+ tanks that need equipment. That's 1.8Mcr per tank, for a total of 32.4Mcr. I have a handful of decent premium, and a lot of the crappy handouts we all received from WG.

Today, I've earned 530kcr in 21 games – and that's with daily bonuses, some missions, even 100k from a T28 mission, using mostly premium tanks, premium account and few gold rounds. 25kcr per game. So it will take me around 1300 games, 72 games per tank, to equip my tier 8+ tanks – probably a similar amount of time, if not more, to do all the lower tier tanks as well.

Let's say a game is around 10 minutes; with some downtime between games, maybe five games per hour. 260 hours. That's about half a year of playing. Of course, during that time, I'll unlock new tanks, which I need to buy, upgrade, and equip…

Sure – there's usually a pile of money dumped at WG's birthday, and there's the occasional equipment sale. I could go hunt for the specific missions that pays out rewards – but seriously. I want to play a video game, not wait on the bloody autumn sale at WG-mart. I want to play the tanks I feel like playing, not the tier VI swedish TD because I happen to be near completing a specific mission.

Sure, I could just play the tanks I'm good in, and the premium tanks that someone would earn me credits even if I just yolo straight ahead without firing a shot, but that's not how I want to play the game.

If I wanted to grind for money, I'd just get another job.


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