The death of Tier 10

Long time NA player here. Now I know the clan/campaign guys are gonna jump on here and blast me for throwing my opinion out here, but Im sure there has to be at least a few others that feel this way. Remember a time when you could play a FV215b(120) and have a decent game? Remember a time when you could load up an E50M, a 121, hell, a 113, E100, Obj 430 (Pre T9) or literally any other t10 that used to be at the bare minimum playable?

I certainly do. I loved those tanks that had odd quirks to them, and were really fun to work around, and were extremely rewarding when it worked right. The 215b and 430 I absolutely loved, because they were "not as good" but they had these weird nuances that made them fun to play.

Not so more these days. T10 is an absolute shitfest, and I hate everything about it. On the NA server, when I play in the evening, I most commonly see T95/4201 three man platoons firing all gold, or even one or more 279e's or 430u's blasting heat like its a free shell type. The worst part is, Im sure theyre not only just loading gold, they gotta be rocking it out with pure bond equipment, prem consumables, gold funded 6+ skill crews, and all the boosters they can handle. And man Im sure its not just me, but I cant find enjoyment at T10 anymore. Like at all.

Dont get me wrong I dont see them every game, but I would say at least half of them I play, I see these *Balanced* tanks just steamrolling through every team. Most T95/4201 and 279E drivers rock out above a 1.6 damage ratio on average, and 65%+ winrates, and Im pretty sure these unicorn dudes didnt need the massive advantage that these tanks provide, as Im sure theyre quite skilled already. But coming from me as an above average player, and I just want to play you know, my FV215B for fun, because despite it being absolute trash these days, It's still my most favorite tank (And most played) and I still hope to christ one day they buff it. I still like the playstyle of it, along with several other vehicles that just dont work anymore, but you know. If I cant pen a 279e frontally, then what good is it as a heavy?

So yeah, Im just not happy with the state of T10, as a starting point. Theres a load of other issues as well, but this is definitely one that stands out to me personally.

TL;DR I miss the more balanced days


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