The game is getting faster and Wargaming realizes this and is purposefully making the game even faster.

This isn't a new topic or a revelation, I just finally felt like making a post here about it.

One of the main complaints I hear about WoT nowadays is that the majority of games are too fast, ending in 3-5 minutes and basically being decided in the first 120 seconds. Why is this? Well, let's look at some of the latest lines of tanks that WG has added to the game:

  • EBR 105: Fastest light tank
  • Obj. 268 v4: Fastest tank destroyer
  • Obj 277: Joint fastest heavy tank
  • CS-63: Joint fastest medium tank
  • Rhinoceronte: Fast heavy
  • Czech heavy line: Fast heavies

With every new line added, the average tank speed in the game is going up, slowly but surely. This, in turn, makes every game of WoT slightly faster. It's not just about speed either. Ever since 2015 all the average stats of tanks have only gone up, most notably – DPM. With more DPM come even faster games.

At the end of the day WG is a business and they have one goal and one goal only – make profit. Making the games faster will mean that more games are played in one day, by the same amount of players, thus increasing the profit. All this profit is at the expense of the quality of the game. When is enough? When will we see another line of slower tanks? When will the games start being 2 minutes long?


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