The Tiger 2 is a joke.

The roof armor is only 40MM, 121MM gun will overmatch, instapen and extremly easy to hit.

Frontal armor is only 150MM with BAD angling, even with angling and slope any equal tier TD firing normal ammo like Scorp G, JGDP 2, SU 130, will all easily pen nomatter angling with normal ammo.

When you have angled the frontal armor so much that its not pennable my normal ammo from TD, the side is only about 120 MM effective.

The Mantled armor is dogshit, only 185MM and anything will be able to pen it easy in a brawl.

Even if you sidescrape perfectly the front armor is EASILY penned as you will only have mabey 220 Effective armor.

You cant really go hull down because like i said above, frontal armor easily penned by anything tier 8, same with turret mantlet and roof is overmatched as its only 40 armor.

You cant trade in this either as its only 320 Alpha.

ATLEAST the T32 is a hull down beast. 53 Polski Polski has insane alpha and extremly good at trading. IS3 has good alpha, armor, speed and its a small tank. 110 has good mobility, turret and hull down potential.

I have played 100 games with it now as fully upgraded (even more as i have grinded the parts) and the ONLY, i mean ONLY effective way to play this tank is as a sniper/td or as a 3rd heavy, so you have 2 others tanking the damage because you sure as hell cant take it.

I would 100% rather grind Tier 8 with the Tiger 1 as Tier 8 with Tier 7 stats because ATLEAST its good hull down, even against tier 9 tanks.

It blows my mind that this is supposed to compete against IS3/A, Defender, Patriot, Caernervon AX and Chrysler, because imo this can barely compete with Tier 7 Heavy such as Tiger 1 and T29.

The point is, i dont think the Tiger 2 has anything going for it other than an accurate gun, and if i want to snipe i would rather just play a medium or a TD.

Sorry for my bad english, im Norwegian and im tired.


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