Thoughts of a new player

I don’t remember what exactly got me to pull the trigger on trying out the game, but I remember seeing some ads on YouTube, and that initially grabbed my attention, but it was still a month or some after until I finally decided to download it.

Besides being completely lost in terms of how to play “gud” (finally starting to catch on now). I have enjoyed my experience so far playing WoT, but there are definitely some things that I want to make an ugly face at.

I am going to start with the things I don’t particularly care for. Just a reminder I am new to this game. I have played this game for 3 days.

1) The premium tanks – ehhhhhh I understand why, but I just hate the idea of someone having better equipment than me because they have more money, but I guess that how life goes. I haven’t noticed them being WTF strong I’m done playing. Tbh I don’t know which ones are premiums and not, but I do know the t34-85m is one, and I main a t34-85 currently, and I notice that his shot did 10 more damage than mine. Which is maybe 1-2% more damage than mine.

So yes the idea takes me back, but in reality it isn’t that bad and not a reason not to play the game.

2) The grind – I’ve played WoW for years so I understand grinding but, the grinding in WoT and especially as a new player it is extreme. Now that I am getting better, I realize that it isn’t so terrible, but the fact that I am terrible just makes it take forever.

Your exp is performance based which I really approve of that, but what I don’t like about the grind is how unrewarding it feels.

Stand in my shoes. I am new player and suck and literally die often before even doing damage because I am somewhere I shouldn’t be. So the exp gain I would get is minimal, and then on top of having to slowly grind the exp for the research. I also have to spend silver/credits on it. Fair and understandable. But on top of spending credits for this: I have to have the credits to repair my tank after every round, replace ammo, and especially expensive apcr rounds, and when I get a new tank I either have to save an extra 100k for 75% trained crew.

So as a new player, this takes forever, because I barely make a profit on some rounds.

Sure this helps me learn the game and want to play better, but at the same time – I don’t want to play tanks I don’t enjoy and then it seem to take forever to get to tanks I like tier 5-6.

This is just the perspective of a new player, and maybe why newer players wouldn’t stick around.

I also can understand the side of people need to learn because the higher tier you go the more precise things get.

3) The UI – I do not like the UI system at all. For example when you are in que, you are able to look at anything else in game besides chat and review previous matches. I am really OCD and I can’t organize my tanks how I want too on the lower part of the screen, I also can search as easily as I would like throw the barracks or my storage.

4) the lack of a good tutorial. When I first started playing I felt really immersed. I was taught how to drive my tank and shoot the canon, but nothing else. Just like a true tanker of a t34-85 during wwii for the motherland.

But I didn’t learn how to angle my armor, still don’t know how to properly, I didn’t learn about los.

5) artillery – as a new player, I despise artillery, especially seeing a grille as an artillery piece, when it was an infantry gun.

But I don’t understand how it works, probably just because I am bad, but I hate artillery, I understand why it’s in the game, but it’s frustrating. How do you play versus it? The second I notice a shell landing next to me I’m gone.

Now on the things I like

1) pregame music – honestly the best thing ever

2) gameplay – it makes me think of rainbow six siege in tanks? Hopefully this doesn’t offend anyone, but hearing all those cannon blast are amazing, only if they would audio lines of when the gunner has the round up and he yells “up” like in squad.

3) The diversity. It’s nice seeing a whole of different tanks every game. I read a little bit that people don’t like the new MM system but I think it’s really cool to sometimes be the high tier tank and other games you are a low tier tank. Just makes every round different but also makes you have to play differently.

4) program stability – this is probably a weird one for people to see as a pro because it should be expected, but I haven’t had the game crash or had a hiccup yet since starting. I play some other games that have some major issues with crashing and what not. It’s just nice to be able to get on play and not have to worry about that.

5) The flow of the game. I like how you fight a round and you can leave whenever and start playing on another tank. So you are almost always playing. You aren’t stuck in your bad games.

I’ve really enjoy playing WoT and I think I have a new game to add to my main collection for the mean time. If anyone feels generous enough to explain how crews work to me and which crews members I should keep and what not etc. that would be awesome!


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