Very seldom do I grind tanks. I'm much more interested in grinding and building very skilled crews. Just about everything I do in WoT revolves around grinding my crews.

Sometimes I do grind tanks, but it is indirectly. For instance, now I'm grind the German Leopard line but its only because I like the Indien Pz and my stats are pretty decent in it. The crew I have assigned to it are used in other premium tanks to grind skills.

Also I almost always grind BIA crews exclusively. Its just so much more advantageous to have that BIA zero skill crew as a foundation. Including both time and experience.

So far I have some pretty damn good crews for the US, Soviet, German, and Brit lines. I also have great BIA crews that weren't offered for sale that I piece together through Christmas bundles and promotions like twitch.

But the other day they sold the Prima Victoria that comes with the special BIA metal band crew. I got to looking at the Swedish line and it looks very interesting. I would like another Tier 8 for the remaining weeks of FL and the UDES 14 ALT 5 has really peaked my interest.

What do you think about it and what are some tips and things to know?


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/cz8z8t/udes_14_alt_5/

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