Wargaming – Do They Treat all Players Fairly? Or, A New Conspiracy Theory!

I now have about 30K battles. My efficiency and win rate have come up steadily, still under 48.5% and I don't know if I'll ever make 50%. The only way I've found to complain directly the the leadership at WG is the survey when uninstalling the game. I honestly do not believe there is anyway to know if an individual player is being treated fairly or getting screwed because of complaints.

There is much discussion about RNG and its role in the game. I live in a place where programmers abound and several friends are high level programmers and they assure me that tweaking RNG (in favor of games which don't go the distance) is easy-peasy. Games that don't go 15 minutes (the VAST MAJORITY, maybe 99%) are money makers. Three games, instead of one, in 15 minutes have to be money makers. No, I am not against WG making money. But this game, in my estimation, is not about player satisfaction, it is about only one thing–MONEY! Specifically, yours and mine in WG's pocket.

Stop and think about all the ways WG can, and I believe, probably does, screw its players. I'm going to consider some places where a player can be screwed over. 1) Team composition–XVM, if nothing else, gives the first hint, of how badly you are screwed–other team not only starts with higher level hit point pool but has higher level players. 2) Placement on the map–your teams heavies are further from heavy lanes (and there is no way to know this) and the opponents TDs may get in snipping position before the heavies get there. 3) The map–you constantly get city maps in turretless vehicles which have corner difficulties or in a light on a map with few spotting locations and they are all well known after a few experiences on a given map. 4) RNG–I've come to believe that R = RIGGED, during the battle there is no practical way to communicate to find out if everyone is missing 50 yards, reticle-full shots (bounce or miss). I believe that awards for "10 consecutive hits" are a joke because WG's RNG controls most of the likely hood of a hit. We just live with it and say, "Oh well!" 5) Your Tier position–Some time I'm going to chart my tier position but it seems like I'm bottom tier (in a 3 tier battle) 7 of 10, middle tier 2 of 10 and top tier 1 of 10. It is nice to be part of the seemingly rare single tier battles.

Some of the readers will consider this a "rant," but I'd like to consider it as "wondering out loud!" If you have ever "Wondered the same things" it would be nice to hear from you. If, in your opinion, this is a rant–ignore it/me. I'm going to end with this. Even when I'm feeling like I'm in a "Fk'd over battle" I still do my darndest to contribute to a win and I NEVER EVER harass a team player for any reason PERIOD.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/dm3bqs/wargaming_do_they_treat_all_players_fairly_or_a/

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